Enough With The Cutoffs: Five New Outfit Ideas for Coachella

15 Apr

Coachellastarts tomorrow, and if you’re lucky enough to be attending (jealous!), you’re probably knee-deep in your closet’s contents right about now, wondering what on earth you’re going to wear.

We all know festival style can get tired–I mean seriously, how many jean cutoffs can one music festival handle? But fret not, because we’ve put together five super-cute outfits you’d actually want to wear IRL–no matter what your style or if you’re actually attending a festival.

So whether you’re a hippie chick, or gamine girl, click through to see five cute outfit ideas for Coachella.



The Hippie

Free People crochet maxi dress, $298; Flower braid halo, $58; Gap Beaded sandals, $40; Frye saddle bag, $248.


The Gamine

Levi’s vintage collection destructed overalls, $350; Algrave basket, $40; J. Crew, Gingham bikini, $95; KG Pansy Espadrille Wedge, $161.


The Rock Chick

Alexander Wang brenda bag, $745; Pamela Love dagger rosary, $225; Oracle Fox for Billabong jean shorts, $65; Billabong tank, $34


The Classic Femme

In God We Trust anchor necklace, $160; Swedish hasbeens, $179; Madewell dress, $99; Steven Alan widebrim hat, $158.


The Sporty Raver

Lisa Marie FernandezBikini, $355; Roxy boardshorts, $50; Topshop neon color block anorak, $65; Lana sneaker wedge, $95.


Marni “The stunning collection she presented Sunday morning proposed the idea of a sort of strict and clean elegance that still was quite womanly. … It made for a clean silhouette that effectively walked the line between minimalism and maximalism.” —Emily Holt, Vogue.com “Much more straightforward, maybe more restrained than usual. One interpretation: Castiglioni’s collaboration with H&M had allowed her to get a lot of classic Marni out of her system, offered her pause for reflection, and pointed her toward a possible future. Expect more changes.” —Tim Blanks, Style.com

29 Feb

Photo: Getty

Karlie Kloss‘ triumphant return to the runway wasn’t the only thing people were talking about at the Anthony Vaccarello show today in Paris. The designer also debuted his new shoe collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti. The sexy, strappy, pointed toe stilettos are smoking hot, to be sure, but actually walking in them proved to be a serious challenge for at least one poor model.

Our friends over at ELLE were at the show and noted that one poor model fell so many times during the finale, she had to be helped down the runway by two of her fellow models.

Jessica Michault, online style editor for the International Herald Tribune tweeted, “Poor Zanotti. In his 1st collaboration with Vaccarello a model needed help to walk the finale. Flashbacks to Kanye West’s show last season.” Hopefully Kanye–who was front row at the show according to this tweet– was paying attention and doesn’t put his models in dangerous shoes.

Anyway, we hope she’s okay! Shoutout to the two good Samaritans who came to help in her hour of need! Who says there’s no camaraderie between models?

Photo: Getty

Anna Wintour Hung Out With Victoria Beckham on a Subway Platform

16 Feb

Anna Wintour. On the subway. Doing the Charleston?

Holy crap.

But don’t fall our of your seat just yet: Queen Anna didn’t actually ride the subway with all us peasants. She, along with Victoria Beckham, Hamish Bowles, and a group of fashion folk took to the subway platform to promote the UK for the Great campaign, a marketing effort championed by Sir Peter Westmacott, Britain’s ambassador to the U.S, which will target nine countries and 14 key cities, reports WWD.

And as far as we can tell, Anna et al only stayed long enough to snap a photo with the Union Jack-wrapped train at the Grand Central station. Still, seeing her on the subway platform is kind of like seeing an elephant riding a bicycle, no?


Launch Of Britain's GREAT Campaign




Launch Of Britain's GREAT Campaign


Launch Of Britain's GREAT Campaign


Launch Of Britain's GREAT Campaign

Best Dressed: Emmy Rossum in Ralph Lauren, Emily Blunt in Marios Schwab and More

8 Jan


What a bevy of brunette beauties we have on our hands this week! But while they may share the same hair color, that’s just about where the similarities in style end. Rachel Weisz looked fierce in an  Alexander McQueen frock, while  Emily Blunt looked sweetly feminine in Marios Schwab, and Emmy Rossum went for 1920s glamour in Ralph Lauren and finger waves. Lisbeth Salander    Rooney Mara looked so good this week in Miu Miu–we had to give her the best dressed honor twice. I mean, c’mon, she’s killing it, right?

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show by the Numbers

8 Nov

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is set to air November 29 (and is being shot tomorrow) and as we’ve come to expect, will be an expensive display of wings, supermodels, performances and more.
According to WWD, preparations for the event are a year-long affair. Every detail is thought out from costume inspiration (“global cultures and vintage films to Impressionist painters and looks on the ready-to-wear runways in Paris, Milan and New York”), musical guests (Kanye West, Maroon 5 and Cee Lo Green or Nicki Minaj?), model casting and, of course, designing the costumes themselves. The costumes are handcrafted by artisans under the guidance of the show’s lead creators Todd Thomas and Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou.

Click through for what all of this has come down to by the numbers, including the number of these handcrafted costumes, record number of new models, the budget for the show and more:

Budget for the Show in dollars: 12 million

Swarovski Elements used: 2 million

Costumes: 69

Sets of Angel wings: 31

Total models: 38

Newcomers to the show: 15

Themes for the show: 6 (Ballet, Super Angels, Passion Play, Angels Aquatic, I Put a Spell on You and Club Pink)

Weight in pounds of Passion Play Fan Wings: 22

Days Adriana Lima has abstained from solid foods: 9

See below for a behind-the-scenes casting video (via Fashionologie) and inspiration sketches for the show costumes. They’re pretty strange and one of them is, interestingly, a sketch of Nicki Minaj.

Photos: WWD

Today is Halloween!! DIY Halloween Nail Art: Here Are Five Easy, Spooky Designs With Step-by-Step Instructions

29 Oct



Halloween is just around the corner, and while you can’t exactly wear a costume to the office, your fingertips can provide the perfect outlet for some spooky spirit. Sure, you could pick up one of the many holiday polishes out there, but what’s coolor: a trendy shade of orange, or a Goosebumps-esque slime design?

Though some forms of nail art might seem  a little out of reach for those with not-so-steady hands, it’s a lot easier than you think and there are some simple Halloween designs you can do with shades you probably already have at home.

To try out nail art of your own, you’ll just need a few supplies.
Base Coat–My go-to is Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener. A strengthening base coat is key.
Top Coat– Seche.Vite is the best. Period. It’s super shiny, dries really fast, and never splinters.
Q-tips and Polish Remover–Everyone makes mistakes.
**Optional: Thin-Brush Polish–They’re great for French manicures or contrasting tips, making polka dots, stripes… everything. They’re just easier to use than regular size brushes. I recommend Hurricane, which you can find at most beauty supply stores, but Milani’s Precision Brush is good too and is available at CVS. I advise getting white and black. If you don’t have a thin brush or don’t want to buy one, don’t worry. It’s not necessary, just simpler. And if you want to do some detailing, you can always dip a pin or toothpick in your polish




**Each of these manicures should begin with base coat and end with top coat. Always.

1. Start with an all-over base color; to create a Goosebumps-worthy slime color, I did a thin coat of an opaque lime green and then covered it with two coats of the thinner, neon shade.
2. For the ooze: Drip a sizeable dot of black in the center. Wiping the brush almost clean, drag lightly upwards. Repeat to varying sizes and lengths according to how you think your nail was “slimed.” For raised drips, allow the original to dry and then drop an additional dot or two in the center of each drip.
3. Give the ooze ample time to dry before applying top coat to avoid smears.




1. Start with a nude base; I used a slightly shimmery version because plain old beige blended into my skin too much (boring!).
2. Using a thin white brush, draw two triangles facing downward from the tip of your nail. Don’t make them too long—you’ll need room for the blood!
3. Using a thin red brush, drop a red dot below the fang and drag upwards. Feather a bit of red onto the nail tip.
4. Give the drips ample time to dry before applying top coat to avoid smears.




**The key here is to do an ombre effect without letting the polish dry. Don’t use your best red for this, since you’ll be blending wet colors and don’t want to contaminate an expensive bottle.

1. Do a quick swipe of your choice red across the top of your nails.
2. Using a thin brush, swipe a thin line of black across the very tip.
3. With the same red, use a small amount of color and drag downwards so there is a thin coat of red that finishes in wisps just shy of the base of your nail.
4. Going back to the top, wiggle the brush to blend the black and red, adding more polish if necessary (be careful not to use too much, otherwise you’ll cover the back completely). The less color on the brush, the better—drier brushes make it easier to create the feathered, blended look.
4. If you’re having trouble, it can help to drop a bit of clear coat on the nail base to add a little moisture.



Candy Corn

1. Draw a half moon at the base of your nail with the orange; for guidance, follow the shape of that little pale half circle.
2. Swipe a half circle of yellow on top, following the shape of the orange.
3. Repeat on the top with white polish a la a French manicure. Don’t worry about making the lines totally straight since each new layer can clean up a previous mistake.
4. Top with a layer of glitter (a silver/gold mixture looks bangin’).




Enjoy, xoxo

The Top 10 Versace For H&M Items We Can’t Wait to Buy (With Prices)

25 Oct

Comingggggg up!!!

Versace’s  recently-revealed collection for H&M has been creating lots of buzz for its wild, colorful Gianni Versace-esque pieces and equally bold  campaign starring model/rocker Abbey Lee Kershaw. All the hooplah is great, but what about the clothes?

While they won’t hit stores until November 17, it’s never to early to start planning your purchases. With big, crowded (as the collection launch will most likely be) stores like H&M, it can be easy to miss the good stuff. So, we’ve picked out what we believe are the standout pieces from the collection.

Click through for our favorites, plus their retail price (some may seem a bit pricy for H&M, but that’s because they’re using high-quality materials like leather and silk):


Leather Dress, $299


Leather Jacket, $299


Silk Dress, $199


Silk Dress, $149


Silk Dress, $149


Silk Dress, $149


Necklace, $24.95


Pillow, $29.95


Suede Boots, $149


Silk Bustier, $129


Arn’t You excited like me? Silk dresses are my favourites! And yours?