Here Are All the Best Cannes WTF Red Carpet Moments (So Far)

28 May

This year’s International Cannes Film Festival has provided us with more gorgeous photos of gorgeous people in even more gorgeous clothing than we could wish for from a thousand Academy Awards red carpets combined. But just when we thought our daily updates from the South of France couldn’t get any better, it turned out that Cannes is a gift that won’t stop giving: Nestled nicely amongst all those lovely photographies was a majorly healthy dose of WTF.

Do we really need to explain what those three loaded little letters stand for? We’re talking the god-awful dresses no stylist would touch…The highlighted hair cape of an aging Hollywood hunk… The unexplained presence of a terrestrial mollusk… and so, so much more. So please, mes amis, join us for a little look back at all the amusing and confusing head-scratching situations and photos Cannes has had to offer us thus far– We promise you won’t be seeing any of these beauts in the typical best-dressed lists.

All photos: Getty

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