Fashion’s Most Stylish Guys Give Mark Zuckerberg an (Almost!) Hoodie-Free Makeover for Facebook’s IPO

18 May

Finally something new on my blog :). I hope you will like my todays choice what to write about :). Well, Mark Zuckerberg is having quite a month. The Father of Facebook just turned 28 ( he is just for me :D), bought out Instagram for $1 billion and is now facing the most lucrative point in his career: Going IPO on Friday. We’d offer him a congratulatory “poke” but sadly, that option’s no longer available. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the IPO acronym, it stands for Initial Public Offering– meaning that the company will finally be open to stock holders where the likes of Wall Street—-and even you!—- can purchase a part of the social media company.

But with the estimated $100 billion that’s supposedly coming his way, we’re wondering whether the Harvard dropout will invest in a new wardrobe. Will he finally change out of his usual uniform consisting of dowdy college hoodies, sweat-drenched Adidas shower flip flops, and tattered baggy jeans, into something more uh, dapper? Better yet, the question posed is this: Can all the money in the world transform someone from HTML geek to sartorial chic? Fashionistas can only hope!

To give him an extra boost, I’ve enlisted the help of several fashion experts to editors from GQ and Esquire, to buyers and the likes to see what kind of advice they’d shed onto Silicon Valley’s hottest star. And regardless of whether he takes my suggestions or not (note to Marky Mark: you really, really should!), happy IPO Day! I’d definitely like to send you a congratulatory poke soon—- this time, live and in-person.  O my wish :D! Btw. third look is really good for him, I would just change those shoes :D. Enjoy!

Tyler Thoreson, head of editorial and creative at Gilt MAN and Park & Bond

Thom Browne oxford: From what I can tell, Zuckerberg appears to stay in pretty decent shape. An oxford cloth button down from Thom Browne would be an unpretentious, low-maintenance way to introduce him to the concept of clothes that actually fit.

Washed twill blazer from Closed: I can’t see him getting decked out in a bespoke suit, a la Facebook cofounder Sean Parker, but I can see Zuckerberg trading the hoodie in for a casual, unstructured blazer, like this washed twill version from Closed.

McNairy pocket square: A tie may be pushing it, but is a pocket square too much to ask? Something tells me that the kind of guy who puts ‘I’m CEO, Bitch’ on his business card may appreciate this version from Mark McNairy.

Patrik Ervell jeans: These are a much classier alternative to jeans, and they look great anywhere you can wear denim.

Vans: An unpretentious, casual pair of Vans should help him hang onto some semblance of real-guy cred in Silicon Valley, despite the newfound 12-figure personal net worth.”


Ken Downing, senior vice president and fashion director at Neiman Marcus

“No one loves a hoodie more than Mark Zuckerberg–or me! They are a wardrobe staple for any cool guy. The hoodie is Zuckerberg’s signature. Stick with it and take it to the next level. I love the look of a hoodie under a jacket. He would look super cool in Prada, perfect for his lean frame. Brunello Cucinelli is the sweatshirt I would suggest. Casual yet lux. And while he is in the Brunello Cuccinelli territory, fine gauge knits look polished and still have a casual air. Lean and trim trousers or jeans always look great paired back to a hoodie and jacket. Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, DSquared all fit the bill and his body type. Trade in the dorm shower flip flops for a Gucci Chelsea boot. Comfort and cool with an edge.”


Sean Hotchkiss, editor at GQ Eye

“Facebook’s founder is silently screaming for Band of Outsiders. Nobody has made nerds look better in recent memory than Scott Sternberg. And as ‘berg’s, they’re practically related–natural marriage.”


Lawrence Schlossman, associate editor at Complex and man behind How To Talk To Girls At Parties

“I may be over-thinking Zuckerberg and his iconic slept-in-late, rushing-to-class look, but it seems to me this is a reaction to what he believes to be the stodgy corporate buttoned up look. That or, like every dude in Silicon Valley, he has absolutely zero interest in fashion or any understanding of good taste. It’s a shame, too, as he could easily adopt a casual, soft tailored look and feel just as comfortable, while finally looking like the wildly influential and important guy we all know him to be.”



John Jannuzzi, style collective editor at

“The young-tech-start-up-dude-look–the type who doesn’t care about his appearance–is fairly played out and doesn’t inspire much confidence in business. With billions at his command and a credit to shaping the future of communication, Zuckerberg should look the part. Half of me wants to see him do a complete 180 with some Rick Owens and start shopping at Atelier, but he’s best fit to a suit with his responsibilities. Billy Reid would be a good match for him, it’s approachable but doesn’t read too old or ‘captain of industry.’ Of course, he just has to make sure it fits.”


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