The Top 10 Versace For H&M Items We Can’t Wait to Buy (With Prices)

25 Oct

Comingggggg up!!!

Versace’s  recently-revealed collection for H&M has been creating lots of buzz for its wild, colorful Gianni Versace-esque pieces and equally bold  campaign starring model/rocker Abbey Lee Kershaw. All the hooplah is great, but what about the clothes?

While they won’t hit stores until November 17, it’s never to early to start planning your purchases. With big, crowded (as the collection launch will most likely be) stores like H&M, it can be easy to miss the good stuff. So, we’ve picked out what we believe are the standout pieces from the collection.

Click through for our favorites, plus their retail price (some may seem a bit pricy for H&M, but that’s because they’re using high-quality materials like leather and silk):


Leather Dress, $299


Leather Jacket, $299


Silk Dress, $199


Silk Dress, $149


Silk Dress, $149


Silk Dress, $149


Necklace, $24.95


Pillow, $29.95


Suede Boots, $149


Silk Bustier, $129


Arn’t You excited like me? Silk dresses are my favourites! And yours?





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